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"It's not enough to know where you want to go, but to know how to get there."
(from the frontispiece of the journal)

"Management in Health" is the specialty journal with scientific content edited by the National School of Public Health, Management and Professional Development.

"Management in Health" is a quarterly publication with scientific content, which provides information on matters of general management and applied health management, aiming to cover issues of a so far little addressed field within Romanian scientific periodicals.

"Management in Health" is addressed to all of those interested in improving the health population status and the health services management, according to the health care system Romanian reform: doctors, managers of health institutions, parliamentarians, government members, economists, students in medicine, etc.

The editorial board was established in the autumn of 1997, the first issue of the magazine appeared in September that same year. The beginning was shy, but from a number to another one, both the content and graphic quality of the magazine has been improved.

Our publication pages are open to both NSPHMPDB employees and collaborators who want to publish in a scientific journal their research results.

Certainly, doctors will be interested to know that the journal "Management in Health" is credited by the Romanian College of Physicians with 5 points.

In 2010, the journal "Management in Health" became one of Category B + of the journals recognized as scientific publications of national significance by the National Council of Research in Higher Education.; also, the journal is indexed in international databases. (

Magazine content can be accessed at the following addresses:
Management in health (en+ro)(

Information on subscription
Subscription price for Management in Health magazine for 2011 is 140 RON (4 appearances - quarterly). In order to become our subscriber you must: 1... See details

Information on the conditions of publication
ARTICLE REQUIREMENTS For a better operationalization of the magazine publishing activities, the requirements to be observed by the articles that you will send to the following address ... See details

We will try in time, to provide access to the previous numbers of the magazine, article by article, in PDF format.

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