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The National School of Public Health, Management and Professional Development (NSPHMPDB) organize postgraduate training programs in both public health and management and other areas of the health system to all categories of staff in this system. Along time, NSPHMPDB organized master classes, certificated courses, continuing medical education courses, internships".

The main thematic areas covered by the courses are:
  1. Hospital Management;
  2. Health and Social Services Management (leadership, strategic management, decision making, power and authority - delegation of authority, change management, time management, organizational behavior, quality management, and technical mechanisms to ensure and improve quality);
  3. Human Resources Management (human resource planning, recruitment, selection and staff development, communication, motivation, teamwork, conflict management, negotiation, career development etc.);
  4. Health Economics and Financial Management (basic concepts of microeconomics, health care market, macro-economy, financial flows for social and medical assistance, payment mechanisms' providers, the economic evaluation of social and medical services , financial management and management);
  5. Legislation and Ethics (Health and social legislation, norms and ethical values, ethical decisions at the beginning and end of life, patient-physician relationship, research on human subjects and organ transplantation);
  6. Epidemiology (Basics in Epidemiology, Bio-statistics, demography, advanced epidemiology etc.);
  7. Health Promotion and Health Education;
  8. Public Health Services (social and medical needs evaluation, healthcare and social service systems, health system reform);
  9. Research and Evaluation of health and social services (methodology of medical and social research - quantitative and qualitative, determinism and medical and social services, planning research projects);
  10. The Management of Public Health Programs (planning, monitoring and evaluation);
  11. Social and Health policies (social policies patterns, wellness, analysis of systems and health policies, Health insurance, the main actors involved in social and health policies).

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