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The National School of Public Health, Management and Professional Development (NSPHMPDB) develop research and development activities in public health and specific activities such as: studies and applications for evaluating and improving health system performance, analyzes and projects to support health reform process.

Through research activity carried out by NSPHMPDB, it aims to develop a health system in which policies and strategies to be based on scientific evidence resulting from research, so that the law beneficiaries, the citizens, to have access to quality health care services depending on specific needs.

Lines of action
  1. Conducting research and development activities and providing technical assistance for public and private health research and also in health management;
  2. Conducting applied research, studies of prevalence of disease and disease risk behaviors;
  3. Conducting operational research to improve management and the quality of services;
  4. Conducting pilot studies, national studies and attendance in international studies;
  5. Achieve other specific public health and health management activities, as health promotion, performing studies and applications for evaluating and improving health system performance or other documentations, analyzes and projects to support the reform process in the context of current policies and strategies;
  6. Consultancy in health services reform and management (strategies development and documentation of health policies, market analysis, feasibility studies, etc.);
  7. Achieving studies for health promotion actions;
    1. elaboration and application of the qualitative and quantitative studies that underpin campaigns IEC (information, education, communication);
    2. Devising, performing, monitoring and evaluating the IEC campaigns, as well as developing the necessary materials;
    3. strategies regarding health promotion and health education on short, medium and long term;
  8. Developing and improving research skills of health professionals and social / communitarian assistance;
  9. Health services research and evaluation, and results dissemination;
  10. Performance evaluation of hospitals to support the goal of improving hospital performance through responsible management based on scientific evidence;
  11. Involvement in evaluating and improving the quality of health services;
  12. Dissemination of research results (attending conferences, seminars, publication of scientific articles, etc.)

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