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DRG Center, which operates in the Health Services Research and Evaluation Center - a structure in NSPHHSMPD, has in its activity the collection and management of the minimum set of data on patients (MSDP) for continuous and one day hospitalization in all hospitals in Romania, under the legislation.

Our main beneficiaries are sanitary units with beds and the two institutions mentioned above, together with other public and private institutions working in healthcare system.

Activities developed in the center are:

  1. developing a national standard for MSDP collected and received from hospitals, centralizing and processing at hospital level
  2. providing reports on diagnostic related groups classification and validation of cases reported by hospitals,
  3. providing methodological support and technical assistance to representatives of hospitals and Health Insurance Houses, respectively the Ministry of Health.
  4. hospital activity analysis by monitoring the evolution of their activity by calculating and reporting of indicators of clinical activity performed and the accuracy of data collected electronically.
  5. development of performance and quality criteria for health care providers
  6. calculating some costs of medical services
  7. proposal to change the relative values or prices on groups of diagnoses, as well as charges per case resolved, under the coordination Ministry of Health;
  8. development of automated systems and software for patients classification into diagnostic related groups, in purpose of research;
  9. approving software products for patients classification into diagnostic related groups, developed by private providers, with the purpose of use in health units activity evaluation;
  10. developing and delivering courses for classifying patients according to diagnostic group, clinical data collection and use of coding systems, as well as issuance of certificates certifying that training.
  11. insures different analysis, courses and methodologies at the request of various users, related to center's activity.

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