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National School of Public Health, Management and Professional Development (NSPHMPD), which is actively involved in the formulation of strategies and policies of reform in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of health services has established the Center of Management and Health Promotion (CMHP) as a specialized center in organizing and providing programmes of training and professional development in the field of public health, health administration and health management, health promotion  and community health care, offering  you courses designed and developed by our experts and in collaboration with other recognized experts in various areas of activity.

One of our main objectives is that participating in the programs we offer you acquire the appropriate knowledge and managerial skills that will allow you to actively contribute to development and modernization of the Romanian health system.

Peter F. Drucker said:
"Management means, in the last analysis, the substitution of thought for brawn and muscle, of knowledge for folkways and superstition, and of cooperation for force. It means the substitution of responsibility for obedience to rank, and of authority of performance for the authority of rank."

Thus we understand to materialise a high performance management in the health field, through a range of programs created specifically for you, which are not only diverse, but also continuously improved. For all training programmes organised by the Center of Management and Health Promotion of the NSPHMPD, the diplomas and the certificates are recognized by the Ministry of Health, and the courses of continuing medical education are credited by the Romanian College of Physicians and the Order of Nurses and Midwives from Romania.

You will find the quality of the services that we offer in the lectures of our lecturers, in the 3 classrooms - with a total capacity of 120 seats, each equipped properly, with adequate and comfortable furnishings, with video projector, projection screen, projector, whiteboard, flipchart and each having a very good acoustics.

For your professional development and deepening of knowledge and the materials studied under our programmes, we provide the documentary basis of the library of the Center of Management and Health Promotion, a   modern and specialized unit, organized according to library current standards - with a stock book of over 5000 works in various fields of study: medicine, management, law, economics, psychology, sociology, and last but not least, the complete collection of the journal "Healthcare Management", methodological and technical publication specialized in the fields of competence of the NSPHMPD, included in international databases: Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), SCOPUS and Elsevier, and credited by the Romanian College of Physicians with 5 points.

We want to convince you that we really are the best and therefore we are working permanently and we analyze carefully all the training needs of staff who carry out activity in the Romanian health system and we try to meet your expectations through the possibility of developing new programmes, according to the proposals and requests that we receive. To this end, we developed a cooperation agreement template with the institutions of the health care system, through which to be able to develop and provide a wide range of topics of interest.

Because we are a team that believes strongly that we can change to the better the management of the health system, we need you to come along with us! We want to confirm you everything stated above, by inviting you to review the topics we propose and the training programs that we offer! They combine academic and practical elements in a balanced way, using lectures, interactive exercises, case studies, internships and simultaneous work with assisted self-study, including management projects.

The  programmes training and professional development currently offered by the Centre of Management and Health Promotion are:

  1. Complementary studies programme for certified competency in ”HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT " (code: AT)
  2. Training programme in " HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT " (code: MS)
  3. Training and professional development programme in "QUALITY MANAGEMENT in HOSPITALS" (code: MQ)
  5. Training programme for " HOSPITALS ASSESSORS" (code: FEV)
  6. Professional development programme for ”HOSPITAL ASSESSORS” (code: PEV)

At the request of its partners, collaborators and other stakeholders, the CMHP may organize and provide other training programmes in various areas, which fall under its sphere of competence.

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